Web wrappers

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What is a Web Wrapper

Web Wrappers allow us to bring web applications into Fluxonaut; this way, you can quickly access your day-to-day most used tools inside our application. At the moment, it's possible to add WhatsApp Web and Spotify to your boards.

How to add a Web Wrapper in my board

  1. Click on the New button located in the Main Window of your dashboard;
  2. In the New Window, select WhatsApp, Telegram or Instagram;
  3. Follow the instructions in the window.
  4. To keep these changes in your layout, don't forget to click on the save button located in the Main Window of your dashboard.

How to keep WhatsApp or Telegram window open and hide its contents

  1. Click on the Hide button located in the top bar of the WhatsApp window to hide your conversations.
  2. To display its contents again, click on the Show button in the top bar.

Is it possible to open more than one of each web wrapper

No, you can only have one of each web wrapper open in a board at the same time.